Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pictures at the Living Waters Children's Ranch

Here are a bunch of pictures that represent our past year.  God has been very good.

Baptisms in the river are awesome!

The garage.

Happy 19th!

Doing nails is serious business.
We love when young people come down so our kids can make friends.
Jonathan playing with friends  in Verbena
Mara and Jonathan working hard for lolly pop money.
The cone of shame.
Fun day at La Paz waterfalls (no waterfalls were harmed in the taking of this picture)
Our new greenhouse.
Abby and Jonathan enjoying the river.
Typical Costa Rican clothing.
The first large family house is under construction.
Jonathan got the perfect can from one of his sisters.
Snorkeling fun in Panama.
Sisters having fun at starfish beach.
Hola amigo.
The first step to making chocolate.

Crushing the cocoa beans.
Grinding the cocoa beans.

Jonathan doing the final mashing with a rock.

Tasting the final product.
Elise holding Mauricio's grand daughter.

Amazing moon rise.
Abby and Jonathan teaching Miriam a new game.
Halloween fun.
Abby just might follow in Aunt Katie's footsteps.