About us

We are Rob & Yvonne Wutka.  We have been married 17 years and have four children, ages 6,8,10 & 13.  We have lived in Connecticut all our lives while learning to know and grow with God.  A big part of our lives has been serving others in our community.  We now feel like God wants us to serve others abroad.  We will be joining the 6:8 Ministries team in Costa Rica beginning July 6th, 2014.  (www.68ministries.org)

For the first 6-12 months we will be living in Alajuelita, which is a community in the capital city of  San Jose.  Here we will be learning the language, and getting to know the culture while helping the mission facilitate community outreach projects for short term mission groups coming from the USA and Canada.  The mission runs feeding centers, builds homes, runs medical clinics, facilitates an after school program, as well as various children's programs. All with the hope of sharing the love of God and the gospel message to everyone they serve. After 6-12 months we plan to move about 90 minutes outside the city to work at the Children's Ranch.  At this Ranch, near the rain forest, we will be serving as house parents in an orphanage.  
The initial ground breaking and construction started in June 2014.  Rob will help oversee the mission teams that will be doing the majority of the construction.  The plan is to build a medical clinic, church building, and a dining facility, as well as stables for horses.  Each home will house a set of missionary parents and 8-10 children.  We will be teaching these children to know and grow with God while reaching out into the community, developing relationships and inviting them to church as well.  We are so excited about this new chapter in our lives and look forward to using this blog to share with you our experiences and adventures.