Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fund Raising Update - April 2014

We are so humbled and thankful for the generous sacrifice of our friends and family and several churches.

As of today we have raised 55% of our total initial expenses that we need to move down to Costa Rica.  These expenses include airfare for the 6 of us, the purchase of a reliable automobile, basic furniture and the supplies necessary to home school our 4 children.

We also have ongoing commitments/pledges for 30% of what we will need on a monthly basis to live near the capital city of San Jose.  These monthly expenses include rent, utilities, gasoline, insurance, food, communications, savings for medical and Visa reset trips.

While this is great progress, we still have a long way to go to be fully funded by July 6th, when we get on the plane for this next chapter in our service to God.  Again, we are humbling ourselves and asking for your help.  Most people are all familiar with the expression ‘Many hands make light work’.  It does indeed make a lot of sense.  We would like to take the liberty to modify that expression to say ‘Many small donors can support a missionary family in a big way’.  

We are asking you to consider making some small changes, which added together with others, will be enough to sustain us in Costa Rica.     

If you think you can commit to any amount (big or small) on a monthly bases, please click on the ‘Support us’ link on the right side of the page and boldly help us love and serve these children. 

Thank you friends!

Love in Christ,

Rob & Yvonne